30 Day Motivation Challenge

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, I have a challenge for you. Some of us have gone through or are currently going through certain situations that have ripped us of our self-confidence and motivation.


So how do we pull ourselves out of this rut? Where do we even begin?  I’ve been there. I’m going to give you my 30 suggestions to help you with this journey.

You can start the 30-day motivation any time you want. You can start today or wait until the beginning of the month.

So grab your journal and get ready to build up your confidence.

I created a Jetset journal a long time ago and I still use it today. You can call yours whatever you want but just make sure to pick one up.

It’s a new day for new goals and new styles. It’s also the start of the Motivation Challenge. I hope you got your journal or you can keep your thoughts on your phone.

Some of us have been through so much it has taken a toll on us which has stripped our confidence down to nothing.

You need to style your soul first then work on styling your body.

You can look good on the outside but if the soul isn’t matching the outer, then you’re not going to speak without saying a word.

That’s the key to motivation is having confidence, commanding the room when you walk in without a saying a word. That’s called confidence.

So here’s Day 1 on building up your confidence.

Let me know if you have problems with the link.

Day 1 – Recognize your blessings
Day 2 – You’re not alone
Day 3 – Discover the path
Day 4 – Continue to take action
Day 5 – Don’t compare yourself to others
Day 6 – You reap what you sow
Day 7 – Be content with your best self
Day 8 – Develop positive habits
Day 9 – Believe in yourself
Day 10 – Get up when you fall
Day 11 – Surround yourself with positivity
Day 12 – Reawaken anew each day
Day 13 – Take care of foreseeable obstacles
Day 14 – Actions speak louder than words
Day 15 – Get selfish, keep the focus on you
Day 16 – Develop an exercise routine
Day 17 – Eating healthy
Day 18 – Reassess your vision every so often
Day 19 – Too much thinking is never a good thing
Day 20 – Focus on your goal, not outdoing others
Day 21 – Discover a new hobby
Day 22 – Practice kindness along the way
Day 23 – Keep looking ahead
Day 24 – Life is a marathon
Day 25 – Problems are part of the process
Day 26 – Keep your goals set high
Day 27 – It’s OK to be where you are
Day 28 – An object in motion stays in motion. An object at rest stays at rest.
Day 29 – Don’t give up
Day 30 – Taste the little victories

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s chit-chat about this. What are your thoughts? You can leave your comment in the section below. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

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