Thoughts Of A Lonely Heart

I want to talk about being single. It’s tough being single and over 40. The dating pool is shrinking. Our confidence is shot especially when you put yourself out there via dating services, blind dates or organically trying to meet someone. When no one is responding to your online presence or if you’re out and about and you find it hard to meet the opposite sex, it can kill your self-confidence.

What happened to me stuck with me for a while. If it weren’t for my writing, I would have been an emotional wreck. My pain and sorrows went into my dating diary. Take a look at how I poured my heart into my writing, “Thoughts of a lonely heart.”

I hear a lot about being ghosted. Here we have men and women who want to date a lot of people before choosing one person or they’re not interested in you they disappear without giving you a reason.

What happens if you’re dating someone and you catch feelings?

That’s what happened to me. I met someone organically and caught feelings. I saw him every Friday at the supermarket. We finally decided to exchange phone numbers and pick a place for a coffee date.

We had a couple of phone conversations. The conversations were lopsided but enjoyable. I carried the conversations. It didn’t bother me. The type of job he had, he worked 90 plus hours a week. He didn’t have a lot of life experiences being at his job for 25 years and working a considerable amount of overtime, didn’t allow him much of a personal life.

After our coffee date, I didn’t see him for two months. We talked on the phone when he decided to call. When I called him, he wouldn’t answer nor call me back. It wasn’t all the time but it happened more often than it should have.

We would make plans but they got canceled, due to him working overtime or the weather. This all happened during the winter months.

When we finally had our second date, we had a ball. He was such a gentleman. He was so attentive. He made me feel so special. I saw myself being with him on an intimate level that never happened. Listen to that inner voice.

Our conversations when we had them consisted of him telling me how much he loved being around me. I needed to be taken care of. I deserved to be pampered. I mean he was really pouring it on. He would send me a good morning text every day.

Then what little phone calls I would get stopped. The good morning text he sent every morning stopped. He never invited me to his house. Things weren’t adding up. The red flags were flying.

My feelings were hurt. I really thought I found someone who I could be with. I was so wrong.

Needless to say, he stopped calling me and that was it. I go into this relationship a little more in my book Over 40 And Killing It, which will be out before the New Year. I look forward to you reading it.

Check out the poetry that got me through my heartache by clicking here. I’m not a poet but I wrote from the heart.

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